Pentecostal evangelist killed by terrorists in Ethiopia

In many parts of Ethiopia Pentecostal Churches are living under pressure. Photo: A. Hamalainen

Pentecostal Commission on Religious Liberty (PRCRL) is reporting that a Pentecostal evangelist, Dava Dulla from Gospel for Nation Pentecostal Church in Ethiopia was killed by a terrorist on August the 3rd 2022.

Please pray for the family of our brother and servant of the Lord. Six children have lost their father. Gospel for Nation has collaborated with FIDA International, Finland.



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International Day of Prayer – Remember the persecuted Christians (06/11/22)

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  1. Veikko Hekkala

    Herra voimasi suo eri tilanteisiin, sinä olet valtaistuimen Jumala. Siunaamme nimessäsi, rukoilemme vainotun srk;si ja pakolaisten puolesta eri puolilla maailmaa.

    Lord, give strength to every situation, you are the God on the throne. We bless in your name, pray for your persecuted Church and for the refugees in different parts of the world.

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