Tedders family in Ethiopia – suffering because of a historical flood

Dear Friends of Missions in Africa – please pray for us!

We arrived back to Ethiopia on the 11th of August from the summer break from Finland. We prepared our house nice for the new year and we felt really good returning ...  (...)

Päivi Räsänen’s case can lead to restricted religious freedom – in Europe!

Christians in Nordic countries are afraid of, that Päivi Räsänen´s quotes from the Bible can lead to inprisonment and limit pastors freedom of speech on long term. Photo: Private archive

In April 2021 the member of the national Finnish parliament and former government minister was formally charged with hate speech against homosexuals for her opinions voiced on three platforms. Räsänen ...  (...)

Ukrainian action for persecuted in Nigeria!

Visit to the Nigerian Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine. Photo: Archive , Ukrainian Pentecostal Union

We are greatly concerned of persecutions against Christians in Nigeria. Regular news publications and reports show gain of religious freedom violation. There were over 2200 believers killed in the country during 2020! ...  (...)

Persecution is not taking break, because of Coronavirus

Now it is extremely important to pray for the suffering Christians in Eurasia. Photo from PEM Conference in Kiev: R. Lehtonen

During the last 6 months many Christians have suffered persecution and discrimination despite Covid -19. Even though the social relations between people seem to have decreased in most of the continents, it looks like ...  (...)

Church in Ethiopia is Suffering (Greeting from Pentecostal Commission on Religious Liberty)

There is a huge amount of children in the churches in Ethiopia. Now they need our prayers and support. Photo: Arto Hämäläinen

I received the enclosed message from Ethiopia one week ago. The chairman of one of the biggest Pentecostal churches in Africa, the Full Gospel Believers Church is facing difficult time and asks help in prayer and if possible ...  (...)

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