Anatolij Kaljuzhnyj wants to greet and thank all the Evangelical churches and Christians, who have participated in supporting Ukraine during the war.

He is a former youth leader of the Baptist Church (Jamskaja) in Kiev, Ukraine. Today he is leading the Charismatic Baptist movement Sobor Tserkvej and is one of the most famous Christian influencers in the country.

Watch the video below to hear his touching message.

Anatolij Kaljuzhnyj, former youth leader of the Jamskaja Baptist Church in Kiev, Ukraine

Praise the Lord for what He has done for us. Our support is reaching the victims of the war. The video below show how humanitarian aid from the Swedish organization “The Oasis of the Children of Chernobyl” arrives to people in need. There is some written Swedish in the video, but the recorded footage speaks in all languages.

Happy and blessed Easter!

Rauli Lehtonen

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