Tuesday morning update 22.03.2022 in Kyiv

First Aid Kit in our hands! Photo: Yuri K´s archive

Remember, I showed you a photo of 109 empty baby stroller in Lviv three days ago. So many children were killed in Ukraine at that time. Today – 117. This is the price of postponement…

When diplomats rushed from Kyiv, and the majority even left Ukraine, God remained here. Some diplomats are planning to return to Ukraine. A few have already came.

God, your prayers, and spirit of the nation have created a miracle. Tanks, missiles and “second army of the world” stumbled over the strength of the spirit of Ukrainians.

The time has come to create a new world politics. The old institutions have shown their incapacity, the old politicians have shown their lifelessness and unwillingness to respond to threats.

Continue praying that Ukraine, remaining in humility before the Almighty may reveal God’s power to surrounding nations for salvation of many.  May His Spirit set correct tone for many processes globally.

Pentecostal European Fellowship   ’twas great to pray with you all yesterday afternoon!

Let us all remember of Good News and First Aid Kit in our hands! 

Yuri K., Kyiv


Kyiv update Sunday-Monday 21.03-22.03.2022


Monday war update 28.03.2022 Kyiv

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  1. Veikko Hekkala

    Jumalamme anna ihmeesi tapahtua , Nimessäsi !


    Our God, let your miracle happen, in your name!

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