Kyiv update Sunday-Monday 21.03-22.03.2022

Ukraine wins!  The faster and more help received, the less loss and closer victory. I will explain with examples. Іrpin river covers nearby fields creating additional protective waterlines before Kyiv! Look at the map with your own eyes.

I’m not tired of these unexploded missiles pictures! Prayers of millions warriors on their knees make it again and again.

The Lord has a special plan for the future of Ukraine. Therefore, we want to keep our ministers and volunteers alive and healthy for the future. Rescue and tactic  is  one of the tools. I arranged two days event for our church’ teams.  Every driver, rescuer, deliverer should have professional first aid kit. We don’t want more friends to fall in the battle because of the kit absence. 

We expect all strategic partners to strengthen our Armed Forces and tougher action against the aggressor. Agressors have “на Берлин/to Berlin” texts on their helicopters and tanks. Read between the lines…

And let’s continue praying for nations of Russian Fed. Last 25 days showed there is no russian nation as such (call it crowd, tribe, whatever) with dignity and humanity. Most pitiful is russian orthodox church who killed identities of nations in these territories and helped to create terrorist state preaching ugly “russian world”.

Finally, learn русский язык/russian language to preach Good News to the nations of the federation.
The harvest is big. And the Lord is on His throne!

I decided to renew my reading. And I like the book I had on my list to read next. “It is unreasonable to believe that, if we are negotiating/reconciling ourselves, we will achieve better conditions than if we had won them”. Churchill, May, 1940.

Yuri K., Kyiv 


Terrible news from Ukraine


Tuesday morning update 22.03.2022 in Kyiv


  1. Carina Fredriksson

    Dear brother in Jesus Christ!
    It is absolutely as you write that the Lord is on his throne. The Lord is on His throne no matter what the situation. The Lord is Holy, He is true and completely pure. No bomb, no dirt, no alarm can change this fact. In every shelter, in every block and street, He sees individuals for whom He has died and risen.

    You write as a leader with good ideas and great responsibility. Many sisters and brothers continue to pray together with you but also for you like a leader and individual person. Many are looking forward to the end of the war.

    I wish you the Lord’s protection and wisdom to continue to lead and encourage people about who Jesus is.

    I am reminded of the Bible word where Jesus speaks of being salt and light. I am impressed by your strength, for me it looks like you and other really show how to do this in difficult way. You show light from heaven and it will help people to see Jesus. Your support gives heavenly salt who gives people taste of the Word from God. I give all glory to the Lord.

    Please give regards to all sisters and brothers. Your mail is important, thank you for taking time to write in this difficult situation.


  2. Rauli Lehtonen

    Dear Yuri, we pray for you every day. Do not forget, that Lord is with you even though we would forget Ukraine for a whille …

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