We had our regular national leadership team of Ukrainian Pentecostal Church zoom call last night: spirit is high, morale is high, confidence is high.

News from everywhere, every regional presbyter could share: Occupants are so needy, they steal bread from our rehab.centers! Pastor in the east exchanges ru.dead bodies for our soldiers! Every Christian, when mobilized, will get a vest and helmet from the church, if army has shortage! Wisdom and HS leading so much visible and sensed!

And politicians sing their mantra: “To close the sky is to start the Third World War.”

And watching the slow genocide of people and the destruction of the country is a norm that seems to fit into the minds. At first, they were not all Poles – so it was not their war. Then they were not Jews – so that was not their problem either. (And they were not Georgians and they were not Sirians and so on.)

Everyone knows what happened next, but believes that it will not happen again. They do not see the causes of this war, they have forgotten the peculiarities of empires, so they do not understand the real consequences. And where is the responsibility to protect the weak, even if you have to risk yourself?

109 empty strollers on Lviv c Rynok square: one for every Ukrainian child murdered by Russians since the beginning of the full-scale war. Lost pregnancies because of horrors and fears only Lord will count.

This war is changing the  world. Values are to be examined.  Zoom the picture with a Orthodox icon and read the text on the left (found in ru.terrorist’ pocket). His priest gave it to him sending to Ukraine: Ты русский воин!.. твоя задача – стереть украинскую нацию с лица земли!/You’re Russian warrior! Your task is to erase Ukrainian nation from the earth.

These ladies in uniform (last pic) don’t care about their tasks. They prepare their yard  in Kyiv for spring season and Ressurection Sunday already! 

Yuri K., Kyiv 2022-03-18