The Mongolian Church is growing

The newly registered Mongolian Church in Stockholm. Photo: Ariunbold Pillar

During the times of Timur Lenk and Genghis Khan their empires were among the biggest in world history, including parts of Mongolia, China, India, Central Asia and Europe. Now the Christian Mongolians are sharing their visions from a spiritual point of view, when they are trying to expand the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

They are planting churches in the same countries, where Genghis Khan occupied vast territories around Asia and parts of our continent. Churches have been planted in many capitals of Europe and even in different states of U.S.A. Recently they registered a Church in Stockholm/Sollentuna, where they celebrated Advent on December the 17th. Now they are waiting for the great birthday of Jesus Christ. Their desire is that He will be born even in your heart and that you will be able to spread out the gospel to new people around you.

Missionaries from Mongolia have also planted churches in the Buddhistic republics of Russia, like in Buryatia and Kalmykia. The republics are located in Siberia and west from the beaches of Kaspian Sea.

Visiting Buryatia in Russia.
Photo: Personal archive

Rauli Lehtonen.


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  1. Pascal Andréasson

    Wonderful to hear of this. May God bless the Mongolian Church!!

  2. Håkan Karlsson

    It is interesting to see what is happening to the Christians in different countries. I play the cornett in an orchestra and go to church on Sundays in my hometown. /Håkan Karlsson

  3. Ariunbold Ochirdanzan

    Thank you very much. Rauli Lehtonen

  4. Torsten Sandell

    Thank you Rauli. This is interesting.

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