Pray for Churches in Ukraines´ occupied territories!

Members in churches, which have lost their buildings are praying.
Can we support them?

Russian occupants took by force control over Melitopol Pentecostal Church building on Jan24th. One more congregation went underground.

“Despite the pastor’s visit to occupants’ “administration” to present ownership documents the church was kicked out.  

Many Christians remember soviet occupation. We remember how underground Church lives and wins” senior presbyter of Zaporizhzhya region explains.

Support us with your prayers today, please!

Yuri K., Kyiv 29.01.2023


Greeting from darkness and coldness – Ukraine 26.12.22


An urgent message from Belarus


  1. Yah! All power to our siblings, health, healings, courage, prayer answers, miracles, kindness towards the occupants, God’s presence…in Jesus’ name!

    Once you gave away your life to Jesus…it doesn’t belong to you anymore. Remember all the wonderful prayer answers you’ve experienced…and have another go!

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