Russia and Ukraina – praying together

Despite very special gifts Russia and Belarus sent to Ukraine (read my previous post) for Day of friendship and unity of Slavs (June 25th) Kyiv Pentecostal Churches had our annual pastoral conference on nearby camp in the woods same day. We just could not postpone it again.

Testimonies, reports, prayers, visions and plans to enlarge the work – 17 pastoral teams of city churches left the campside spiritually and emotionally refreshed. Some young leaders brought to the club. Well, there were some sad stories also…

“We are to leave diaconia ministry we were dedicated to for last 4 months to deacons’ teams starting today. Let’s get back to primary pastoral task – Word, prayer and soulcare” Anatoliy Kozachok, vice-chairman of Ukrainian Pentecostal Church persuaded.

We look diffrently even on the pictures after 4 month of ongoing war. Knowing some of these precious people for decades I pray that once we will see their eyes and faces radiating shalom and overwhelming joy.

We started discussion on launching national restoration program for pastors few weeks ago. Today’s conference confirmed – we need it. Your prayers for these modest men and women would be greatly appreciated.
Finally, Welcome to Kyiv! We are here for you!

Yuri K., Kyiv 


Ukraine Weekly Update, June 3rd 2022


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  1. Per Danielsson

    Thank you so much for sharing!! Our prayers are with you!!🙏⚓️

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