Kyiv Wednesday morning 02.03.2022

Ukraine Wednesday morning update:

7th day of premeditated, unprovoked, unjustified and unconscionable war in Ukraine. My bleeding nation stands strong due to many prayers and action.  

“Churches basements in Kherson region (southern Ukraine) are packed with moms and kids. Local grannies treat them all as their own grandchildren. Little peaceful towns live thru the horror of “russkiy myr/Russian world” day by day. The world should hear our cry finally!” Bishop Oleksandr B. from Khherson tries to keep his tears.

“Bashtanka, my home town was invaded with so called peacemakers and destroyed it. But we will rebuild the town. We will plant even more flowers! I already have a plan!” Людмила Токарь Lyudmila T., who lives abroad, plans to build new Ukraine!

While women and children flee from the war, 80 thousand men returned to Ukraine! The business of global transformation is big and workers are coming! The world has a chance to renew true values instead of talks. 

Once again, our huge task – deputinisation of global society and Church. Read the sentence again and remember it. Please, help political and religious leaders to understand clearly that it is not “situation in Ukraine”, “‘Russia-Ukraine conflict’ ‘Special military operation’ ‘Ukraine crisis’. That’s not really what is happening here, in Ukraine. In reality, it is the Russian and Belarus full-scale invasion. Truth will make people free to act!

Ukraine’ voice can’t be voted!

Ukraine prays and acts!

Yuri K from Kyiv

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  1. Carina Fredriksson

    Dear brother!
    It means a lot to have report directly from you in your country. Please send regards to sisters and brothers in faith! Please, say hello to children and tell that we continue to pray and wait for Gods hand to stop this terrible war!!

    Kind regards,
    Carina Fredriksson


    Thank you for the updates!

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