“Helish” scenes in Odessa after Russian drone attacks, 19.07.23

Many Ukrainian cities have been under Russian fire during the last weeks. Even Lutsk in the western part of the country has been suffering. Foto: R. Lehtonen

It has been very noisy in Ukraine for the last two nights with rocket and drone attacks on Mykolaiv, Kherson and Odessa. Kiev has also been attacked again, but most of the missiles and drones there have been shot down. Odessa has been hit the hardest with “hellish” scenes overnight as it has sustained more Russian airstrikes.  

It’s just a day since Russia cancelled the deal to allow safe grain exports from the region and the port of Odessa is the main grain exporting hub from Ukraine to to many parts of the world including some of the poorest nations. 

The grain handling facilities have been deliberately targeted to starve innocent people, 60,000 tons of grain has also been destroyed in the Black Sea Port. 

Yuri Kulakevich (in the middle) visiting the Finnish parliament. The minister of agriculture, Sari Essayah (on the left side) and R. Lehtonen on the right. Foto: Private archive

It looks like Putin is trying to create another refugee crisis by stopping grain transport to the poorest African nations. Resulting in millions people becoming victims of the evil war. 

They will not win. Every atrocity committed just makes Ukraine stronger, more committed and determined than ever. 

Thank you for standing with us in your prayers!

Yuri Kulakevich, Kyiw


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  1. I pray, for all those in Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Kiev…for God to give them that call on Him:
    • strength
    • patience
    • prayer answers
    • healing miracles

  2. Carina

    Dear Brother Yuri!
    I so want to write and encourage in this very difficult time. My words are not enough, language has no word to fairly describe the terrible encroachment of suffering. Today I read in the Swedish Bible, Psalm 22. There Daniel puts into words his own difficult situation, he gives guidance on how Jesus Christ must suffer in order to completely crush evil. In the last verses a gratitude for all – all – to bow the knee before the Lord of love, the Lord of restoration, and our eternal Savior Jesus Christ. The Lord has not abandoned his people. Greet all brothers and sisters, testify to everyone that Jesus is Lord of all. We continue to pray for strength for you and an immediate end to this war.


    • Rauli Lehtonen

      Thank you Carina for the encouraging verses. and Yuri, we stay behind you in our prayers and bless the nation of Ukraine in the difficult and requiering times.

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