Wednesday war update 09.03.2022

Trucks and support from Christians in Sweden are reaching their destinations in Ukraine. Now Kyiv needs intersession and help. West needs to act – words are not enough anymore! Pentecostal Union Ukraine

Wednesday war update: on humanitarian convoys and corridors

I was shocked to learn yesterday how it often works!! 

– group of eight civilians (including people I know personally for decades) from Irpin decided to omit the collection point and move towards Kyiv on their own on Tuesday. They run thru nearby forest followed by Russians massive guns fire and hand granades several times. Their colleagues who went to collection point are kept in Irpin still. 

– My friend’ pastor Сергей Вознюк family being totally exhausted of occupants terror against Bucha finally left their basement and walked thru Irpin towards Kyiv when “green corridor” was announced Wed.morning. And they made it! Hallelujah! Their neighbors who went to collection point in Bucha center are in the town even now. Occupants did not let 50 evacuation vihicles to leave Bucha!!

– everyone watched massacre in Mariupol’ children and maternity hospital. “Ukrainians say, Russians dropped bombs” stated western media Wednesday evening. *!*?”*?*?

– I learned about russian chemical troops moving from far East to Donbass. British and US intells say the same. Donbass is packed with chemistry plants and reservoirs.


I’m very sorry for those in west who thinks of Russia invasion in Ukraine still in terms of russian geopolitical narratives and mass media propaganda. I pray they regain spiritual sight and ability to make moral judgements. 

What is wrong with us, people?! We have power, but loose human dignity. The whole world is under a test from above today!

Please, don’t allow your heartless realpolitics to be more important than lives of innocent people!

Close the sky! We need air defence system to reduce amount of blood Ukraine will pay for the victory over Kremlin insane dictator!

Finally, your prayers keep us all moving! Thank you!

Yuri K., Kyiv


Tuesday morning in Kyiv update 08.03.2022


Encouraging news from Albania – letter from pastor Akil and Linda Pano


  1. Margaretha Strömberg

    Tack för all äkta information.

  2. Carina Fredriksson

    Dear Yuri!

    Your message is help for me to share your times of suffering. My sorrow for this situation is like everybody else deep. Your message helps me to pray but when my words almost seems finished, the Holy Spirit gives help.

    Dear brother Yuri, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ who reads this, we bow down in front of our Lord. The Lord is faithful in every thought, activity and meeting with people.

    Dear Yuira, God is mighty, we ask Him for your protection, for wisdom and strength when you serve people, we shout to the Lord for peace and time when many people will see Jesus as the Saviour.

    Kind regards,

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