Kyiv Friday-Saturday 04.03.2022-05.03.2022

Friday morning war update: Death of glasnost&perestroika era – state-terrorist takes mask off

I had many bright and polite thoughts this morning, thinking of coming update. But having seen and touched too much pain and sorrow during the day in Kyiv residential areas I got some new ones. “I slept in kindergarten’ basement 6 nights. I can’t stand it anymore.” Inna, 80something y.o. lady returned to her flat and asked me to pray for special protection. Maneuvering among hot and sharp rockets’ leftovers I wondered – WHY. 

Why my deacons should explain to everyone what’s the best place to stay during attacks?

Why Echo of Moscow Radio and RainTV, the only relatively free media in Russia shot down yesterday? Why if somebody speaks about the war he gets up to 15 years in prison!? Don’t you see GULAG on approach…

Why these military criminals put Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Station on fire last night despite thousands of citizens protecting the town with their bodies? The biggest in Europe station! Tanks shelled reactors. NONE of the states ever shelled nuclear plant!

Why so many remember and afraid of Putin’s: “never trap a rat to corner!”? 

Why the West doesn’t want to play ahead? Instead suited gentlemen promise more victims and horror.

Why access to food, basic supplies, shelter, and emergency medical services is so difficult? Many in Ukraine did not receive their February salary. I wish you never feel so neglected. #OCSE, #UN, #NATO, offer us your bright vests. And shelter our sky. You can do it! 

“Our Lord’ resources are limitless and He will help us to survive and regenerate,” church volunteer says unloading a railway container full of supplies delivered from Pentecostals of Bukovyna.


I promise more positive text tomorrow. May be…

Yurij K, Kiev


Ukraine Thursday morning 03.03.2022


Tuesday morning in Kyiv update 08.03.2022

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  1. Carina Fredriksson

    For each new day, we are choked of more news, terrible news. We try to have focus of promises from our Lord that He will come back soon. Very soon, I think.

    We try to help practice in different ways but nothing seems enough because as long as people suffer we have more to do.

    Dear brother, in this confusing time, we continue to pray, pray, pray. We continue to ask Him for mercy for your country. We cry with you, for you and cry to our Lord for peace and possibility for people to know Him.

    Deep respect, huge thanjs for your text to us. Please send blessings and regards to everyone.

    Carina Fredriksson

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