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Discrimination of Protestants in Russia inspires for missions

There is still a great interest for Christian faith in the Slavic areas of CIS. Photo: R. Lehtonen

In the autumn of 2016 the new “Jarovaja law” against terrorism and mission caused a lot of debate in Russia. Some church leaders were very worried about how it would influence Church planting and evangelism. It ...  Läs mer / Jatka lukemista ...

Photo of the month – February

Rauli Lehtonen together with 71 students from the Slavic Missionary Bible School in Jacksonville, where he taught missiology 17-21/2. The students are going to Thailand, Honduras, Kenya, Jordan, Ukraine, Nepal, Tanzania and minority tribes in North Amerika to plant new churches. Photo: Alia Aweis

Churches and Christians under threat in Europe

Five years ago International Society for Human Rights published a research article showing that 80 percent of all the people, who came across religious persecution, were Christians. The disheartening report conveys a message ...  Läs mer / Jatka lukemista ...

Brane Kalcevic’s article about the minority groups in the north

Click here to download a PDF-file with an article by Brane Kalcevic about Russian Orthodox mission and bible translation in Russia, published by SMT (Swedish Missiological Themes).

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