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Persecution is not taking break, because of Coronavirus

Now it is extremely important to pray for the suffering Christians in Eurasia. Photo from PEM Conference in Kiev: R. Lehtonen

    During the last 6 months many Christians have suffered persecution and discrimination despite Covid -19. Even though the social relations between people seem to have decreased in most of the ...  Läs mer / Jatka lukemista ...

Church in Ethiopia is Suffering (Greeting from Pentecostal Commission on Religious Liberty)

There is a huge amount of children in the churches in Ethiopia. Now they need our prayers and support. Photo: Arto Hämäläinen

I received the enclosed message from Ethiopia one week ago. The chairman of one of the biggest Pentecostal churches in Africa, the Full Gospel Believers Church is facing difficult time and asks help in prayer and if possible ...  Läs mer / Jatka lukemista ...

Discrimination of Protestants in Russia inspires for missions

There is still a great interest for Christian faith in the Slavic areas of CIS. Photo: R. Lehtonen

In the autumn of 2016 the new “Jarovaja law” against terrorism and mission caused a lot of debate in Russia. Some church leaders were very worried about how it would influence Church planting and evangelism. It ...  Läs mer / Jatka lukemista ...

Photo of the month – February

Rauli Lehtonen together with 71 students from the Slavic Missionary Bible School in Jacksonville, where he taught missiology 17-21/2. The students are going to Thailand, Honduras, Kenya, Jordan, Ukraine, Nepal, Tanzania and minority tribes in North Amerika to plant new churches. Photo: Alia Aweis

Churches and Christians under threat in Europe

Five years ago International Society for Human Rights published a research article showing that 80 percent of all the people, who came across religious persecution, were Christians. The disheartening report conveys a message ...  Läs mer / Jatka lukemista ...

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